Dental restoration is ordinarily required for the repair of teeth impaired by injuries or cavities. There are a few methods provided by restorative dentistry that solve these kinds of dental complications with the most popular being dental fillings. Let’s look at some of the common types of these restorations.


These include amalgam, porcelain, composite and gold or silver fillings. Sometimes Mississauga dentists use fillings to even out tooth surfaces for improved chewing or biting. In most cases, patients with enamel loss experience tooth sensitivity and will notice a substantial improvement or complete riddance of sensitivity upon placement of appropriate dental filling material.
However, fillings will not complete a dental restoration if a dentist does not make them in a dental lab using tooth-colored resin or gold. Afterward, your dentist will perform bonding on your next dental visit.


Dental crowns in Mississauga restore damaged, cracked or chipped teeth to normal size. By repairing teeth damaged from the natural wear and tear generated by aging and tooth grinding, dental crowns can fulfill your esthetic and functional needs.
When it comes to dental restorations, on lays provide significantly more coverage than what you will get from filling or inlays. Mississauga dentists create them in the dental lab using an impression of your mouth. Mostly referred to as partial crowns, they cover a noteworthy portion of a damaged tooth without really covering it. Their main purpose is to shield and repair teeth with a custom-designed tooth much like a fitted cap.


Dentists use partial dentures, dental implants and dental bridges in Mississauga to replace missing teeth that would otherwise significantly have an impact on the looks and function of your teeth. One or more missing teeth can cause the shifting of other teeth in order to house the open space, a change in the bite that may affect your ability to eat, a speech impediment and an increased risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease.


The bonding process applies in almost every dental procedure performed in modern day. Normally, one visit to the dentist completes this with no fabrication, no temporary dentures or mold-taking. Dental bonding can take care of gaps between teeth, splotches from wearing braces, staining, tooth chips and crooked or even teeth whose shapes are unappealing.


Whether you’re worried about stains, malformations, minor misalignments, and discolorations or if you are simply looking for more permanent teeth whitening solutions, choosing porcelain veneers can repair teeth beautifully.


In most cases, dental implants may be the only choice to restore all necessary functions of the teeth and auxiliary structures. An implant can replace a single missing tooth and multiple implants can sustain a dental bridge for the replacement of multiple missing teeth.
Root canal treatment in Mississauga can also increase the retention of dentures helping to minimize gum irritation. An additional implant benefit is that it does not require the preparation of neighboring teeth that would be necessary for bridge work.
It’s advisable to talk with your dentist to know which restorative dental treatment is best to help repair your teeth and help you smile more confidently.