11-5-GWhat Do Sore Gums Mean?

Millions of Americans have experienced sore gums. You’re brushing or flossing and notice a painful sensation in your gums. Sometimes, your sore gums may even start bleeding while you’re brushing or flossing.

Since the pain from sore gums isn’t usually very severe, and it’s such a common problem, many people don’t pay much attention to sore gums. Fortunately, addressing sore gums isn’t usually very difficult, especially in the early stages of gum disease.

Sore Gums And Gum Disease

Sore gums, or gums that are swollen or bleeding, are most often linked to gum disease. There are two stages of gum disease, both of which may cause sore gums.

  • Gingivitis: This is the early and mildest form of gum disease; sore gums are often one of the first signs that you may be suffering from gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to more serious gum disease. (1)
  • Periodontitis: Advanced form of gum disease with more serious implications, such as possible tooth loss and other health problems. (2)

If you notice sore gums, consult with a dental professional for evaluation and advice.

Stop The Pain From Sore Gums

When you notice sore gums, here are a few things to consider that might help you pinpoint the cause of your discomfort.

  • Am I eating right? A healthy and well-balanced diet can help prevent sore gums and gum disease. A diet that includes plenty of Vitamin C and calcium may minimize your risk for gum problems. (3)
  • Do I use tobacco? Tobacco use has been associated with gum disease and increases your risk for sore gums.
  • Am I stressed out or overwhelmed? Stress raises the levels of cortisol in your body, which increases the likelihood of inflammation. Inflamed, sore gums can be a side effect of a stressful lifestyle.
  • Do I take proper care of my teeth and gums? Maintaining a diligent oral hygiene routine is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and help prevent sore gums.

In conclusion, sore gums can be a warning sign of gum disease and should be taken seriously. Early gum disease can progress to serious infection that can cause tooth loss and may have other overall health implications. Taking good care of your teeth and gums will help you maintain good oral health now and in the future.

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