Do you have cracked, broken or decaying teeth? Instead of living with a damaged smile, ask your dental professionals about dental crowns, available at Dentistry On Elgin.

You only get one set of teeth. That’s why Cambridge Dentist want to make sure they stay in good shape for as long as possible. Crowns are one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments for handling dental problems.

Top 4 reasons why a crown is needed

  • Strengthen weak teeth: when your cavity is too large for a filling, our dental professionals will remove your tooth decay and fit your tooth with a dental crown. Providing important protection after root canal therapy, placing a porcelain crown will strengthen your tooth and protect it from further damage.
  • Fix broken, cracked or chipped teeth: maybe you were biting down on a hard piece of candy. Maybe you suffered a physical injury. Not only do broken or damaged teeth not look good, they can also be the source of major discomfort. Either way, Cambridge Dentist may recommend a dental crown. Our porcelain crowns can restore aesthetic and function of your teeth, and reduce pain.
  • Dental implant restoration: dental crowns play a big role in other dental procedures. When you get a dental bridge, for example, the bridge is supported by a crown on either side. Installing a crown is the final step of a dental implant procedure.
  • Produce beautiful cosmetic results: at our dentist office, we use porcelain crowns. Porcelain can be custom blended to match your existing teeth, which will complete your long lasting, beautiful smile. No one ever needs to know that one exists in your mouth – unless you tell them of course.

Cambridge Dentist: what is a dental crown and how does it work?

A dental crown is a special tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its strength, function, and appearance. If a tooth is extensively chipped, decayed, or cracked, this procedure is performed.

Before a crown is placed over top of a tooth, our dental professionals will take an impression of your teeth that will provide the exact size, shape and color to be used in the fabrication process. While the tooth is numb, Cambridge Dentist will prepare your tooth by cleaning the damaged teeth, and shaving it down to accommodate the new crown. A temporary crown will be placed on the prepared tooth, while we wait for the crown to arrive. After the custom crown is made and received in our dental office from the lab, you will come in for a second appointment. The temporary crown will then be removed, and the area will be cleaned. When ready, our dentist professionals will bond the crown with dental cement and make sure it fits (your bite will be checked), looks and functions just as a natural tooth would. Finally, small adjustment will be made so that the crown is comfortably secured. At Cambridge Dentist, the process of installing porcelain crowns is usually accomplished in two office visits.

Compared to old fashioned metal ceramic crowns, Porcelain is the most popular choice. What’s even more impressive is the fact that a full porcelain crown will not easily break or chip.

How to care for your crowns

Your new crowns need the same care as your natural teeth. That being said, it’ important that you continue to brush and floss twice a day, and continue with all follow-up dental appointments at Cambridge Dentist to ensure long lasting crowns.  

Crowns are a quick, simple, and non-invasive method of dental restoration. If you’re not feeling happy about your smile for any reason, crowns may be able to provide a solution.