It doesn’t matter how hard you try to keep your mouth at peak health with care at home, chances are something is quite literally going to slip through the cracks. Learn why regular dental visits are important, so that you will be inspired to call our dental professionals at Dentistry On Elgin for a checkup.


Sure, we understand that you lead a busy life, and it’s sometimes difficult to make time for a cleaning appointment. However, there are potential dental problems that Cambridge dentist can notice that a patient can’t see in the mirror at home. Let’s look at a few reasons why going to the dental office every 6 months is a good habit to get into!


Cambridge dentist: why it’s important to have a healthy mouth?


For starters, nobody is impressed by a smile with missing or stained teeth. And those stains and neglect can eventually turn into dental problems, such as gum disease and lost teeth. As result, you may experience difficulty in chewing which leads to bigger health problems like obesity. Professional dental cleaning can remove some stubborn surface staining that may have built up since your past visit.


Germs in your mouth can lead to other parts of your body and can cause complications relating to the heart – in fact, inflammation of the gums has been linked to heart disease risk. Periodontitis (gum inflammation) in pregnant women has even been linked to premature birth and low birth weight.

Even if your thoroughly clean your teeth every day, you still won’t be able to clean your teeth to the extent of a dentist or hygienist can. You simply don’t have the skill or the special dental instruments. So even if you’re diligent about brushing and flossing, professional dental cleaning is key. During the cleaning, we pay special attention to plaque or tarter that can build up in hard to reach places, lessening your chances of tooth decay. Our dental professionals will remove everything from your teeth. The result? A whiter and brighter smile. Not only that, we will check your gums (and the bone around it) for any signs of periodontal disease. Like other conditions, the earlier dental problems are spotted, the easier they are to treat.  

Let’s face it; sitting in the dental chair might make you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you had an unpleasant experience at a dentist office earlier in life, or perhaps you never got into the routine of going to the dentist in the first place. That comes down to unfamiliarity, and a bit of fear. But the truth is, dental technology has come a long way, and most preventative dental treatments are pain-free and non-invasive.


Making a commitment to good oral health means that you take your preventive dentistry appointments seriously by keeping them. At Cambridge dentist, we take a proactive approach to lower your risk of gum disease, and keep small issues from doing a lot of damage.  


P.S. Our dental professionals will also screen your mouth for more serious dental problems, such as oral cancer. A visit to Cambridge dentist could turn out to be a real life saver.